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We Learn

Learning and Growing in God

Our Learning Environment

Year 1 is where the journey begins; the beginning of thirteen years of formalised education. Because learning begins the day a child is born, by the time they arrive at school they already have a wealth of knowledge and understandings in place. Our primary education program at New Plymouth Adventist Christian School builds on this knowledge base and assists students to establish connections between what they know and experience and what they will discover in the classroom.

We maintain small classes so that teachers can get to know the individual needs of each child. Building on a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy, we enable all of our students to discover and develop their special gifts and talents. We challenge each student to discover his/her particular gifts and talents in a variety of ways and we believe that each child is unique and special.

Our qualified and experienced teachers recognise that each child learns at a different rate and in a variety of different ways, and are therefore able to facilitate learning so that each child reaches their full potential in their own time.

Key Learning Areas

Our program is distinct; it is tailored to meet the need of individual students. Where needed, one-on-one and small group support is available and our multi-grade classrooms allow for extending talented students.

Whilst our approach to education is a holistic one, when it comes to academics, our emphasis is on our students achieving their personal best.

We provide a thorough grounding in key learning areas and offer a challenging curriculum that gives our students an excellent educational basis to build upon.
Our Learning Areas are based on the New Zealand Curriculum but also include Bible:

• Bible
• English
• Mathematics & Statistics
• Science
• Technology
• Social Sciences
• The Arts
• Health and Physical Education
• Learning Languages.


Day trips to many local places form an important part of our learning programme. Educational programmes are regularly run at the Puke Ariki Museum and Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, which we incorporate into our planning. We also visit local places of interest and importance in an effort to develop awareness of the community which we belong to.

From Year 5 through to Year 8, students are encouraged to participate in class camps and in the structured outdoor education program. Through these programs, students gain a greater sense of their place in our global community; they also develop significant character qualities that encourage them to make a difference in their world.

As part of our Physical Education programme, we offer swimming lessons at the local Aquatic Center, led by certified instructors in small group situations. We also offer gymnastics lessons at the New Plymouth School of Gymnastics. Each child receives high quality lessons from an experienced and successful gymnastics coach. We also encourage students to participate in the Weetbix Tryathlon each year.

Our Intermediate students go off-site each week to attend a Technology course. This involves learning practical skills involved in woodwork, metalwork and cooking.