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Fees / Charges

New Plymouth Adventist Christian School is committed to making Christian education accessible and affordable to as many students as possible.

To assist families in meeting the cost of education, a direct debit system is available which allows payments to be spread equally across the school year.

Please note that the charges listed are for domestic students only. Information on international student fees is available from the school office.

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2017 Charges

(New Zealand residents)

Detailed information on charges is available from the attached charges sheet above.

Payable to the Seventh-day Adventist School’s Association:

1. Attendance Dues
2. Special Character Donation

1. Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment required for students who attend a Seventh-day Adventist Integrated School by the Proprietors of the school. It is a condition of enrollment and non-payment can result in exclusion. Attendance Dues are used to pay for property expenses including insurance, health and safety compliance and repayment of loans for capital work and development to ensure your child learns in a comfortable and attractive modern learning environment.
Attendance Dues are to be paid before a child commences attending the school each term. Where such payment is impossible the principal can provide advice on how this may be addressed.

2. Special Character Donation

Our Special Character is what distinguishes Adventist Schools from other schools. The costs involved in maintaining our Special Character are primarily funded by the Seventh-day Adventist Church; however individual donations from parents make up a crucial component of this funding.

The Special Character Donation is used support the development of a curriculum from the context of an Adventist Christian world view. It also covers the development of resources and the on-going training of teachers and principals for the delivery of this curriculum.

The Special Character Donation is tax deductible, allowing you to claim one third of your donation back from the Inland Revenue Department. Please request a receipt for charitable donations from the Adventist Schools Association should you wish to make a tax claim.

Payable to the School:

1. Activity Charge

The Activity Charge includes, but is not limited to school stationery, excursions, visiting performers and professional swimming lessons. Payment of this charge ensures that each student is able to participate in all activities arranged by the School.

Additional costs may be incurred for extra-curricular activities such as sports teams and Marae visits.

2. School Donation

The school also provides other opportunity for enriched learning experiences that are a part of the curriculum. To support the school in providing these opportunities, parents are asked to pay a donation to help the school provide these experiences for their children.


New Plymouth Adventist Christian School creates an invoice at the beginning of each term that covers the relevant charges for the planned activities for that term.

Payments can be made as follows:

• Option A: Charges are paid up-front for the term
• Option B: You may arrange weekly, fortnightly, or monthly direct debit payments

It is important that you notify the school office at the beginning of the year, before the first due date, of the payment option you intend to use.

Payment may be made by cash, cheque and online banking.

Variation from a pre-arranged payment plan would need to be arranged with the Principal.


Recognising that some families experience short term financial hardship, the New Zealand Seventh-day Adventist Schools Association or New Plymouth Adventist Christian School has some funding available to assist families experiencing genuine difficulties. We are dedicated to ensuring that financial hardship is not the primary reason for students being unable to attend or remain at our school. In cases of genuine extreme hardship, assistance in meeting charges may be available. Families wishing to make application for financial assistance should arrange an interview with the Principal.